KALEIDOSCOPE - Faintly Flowing

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This is a Japanese reissue from the mid-00s. It comes with the full art work, liner notes in Japanese, obi strips but the discs are professional CD-rs for the press that they did. No relation to the far better known American Kaleidoscope, though this British group was also psychedelic, and was active at almost exactly the same time in the late `60s, definitely some serious Hollies spirit in here. "Highly esteemed by some collectors, Kaleidoscope epitomized certain of the more precious traits of British psychedelia with their fairy-tale lyrics and gentle, swirling folky sound. At times they sound like a far more melodic and accessible Incredible String Band. Their folky ballads have aged best, and although there`s some period charm to be found throughout their two albums, it`s all a bit too cloying to rank among the finest unknown psychedelia. Although they had a solid underground reputation in Britain, they never found wide success, and evolved into a similar group, Fairfield Parlour, by the end of the `60s"-AMG. "Wouldn`t it be good to be lost in the woods? Four young men are standing slightly self-conciously in the small clearing holding their exotic music making tools, knowing that there`s a crowd of goblins, ghouls and ghosts behind them--but you better not look `cos if you do you`re cursed or you`re dead--and life goes on......... Faintly Blowing the sweet fresh air, mingling with traces of bitter insense to get higher then you, me, all of us. Gales of surging guitar and charging, propulsive cymbals--on and on, forward, forward and upward, over and over again, higher, higher we`re carried along like kites searching for the rainbow`s end but sometimes the rainbow is in negative and while you search for the right way to go the sun comes on strong and all you`ve got left is a few pathetic, doomed puddles that are no use for fishing at all; just some muddied reflections of someone that you think you know but you still go home with a smile on your face and that full stomach feeling because you have to, you absolutely have to, otherwise there is no purpose at all.You stumble across the Snapdragon, a cupfull of Eastern Promise without the corniness that all of that stuff usually means. Dance to that bassline. Sensual, senseless, elastic syllables snapped and broken. Promise fulfilled. An opinion in one line. Some people could make one line into a book. Some people already have."-MarmaladeSkies.com. " 3 1/2 stars. For their second album, Kaleidoscope delivered something an awful lot like their debut, a body of pleasant, trippy, spacy raga-rock, with the main difference that they pushed the wattage a little harder on their instruments -- they'd also been performing pretty extensively by the time of their second long-player, and a lot of the music here was material that they'd worked out on-stage in very solid versions. The result is a record just as pretty as their debut but a little punchier and more exciting within each song than their first album. The title track is also one of the more beautiful psychedelic effects pieces of its period, while "A Story from Tom Bitz" is crunchy folk-rock, "(Love Song) For Annie" represents a more lyrical brand of druggy folk-rock, and "If You So Wish" shifts over to Moody Blues-style ballad territory circa late 1968 and early 1969." - AMG