JUSTIN CURRIE - What Is Love For

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What Is Love For features 11 Currie compositions whose pensive meditations on love`s darker margins are supported by spare, organic arrangements. As lead singer and main songwriter of Scottish rock/popsters Del Amitri, Currie established an enviable reputation for sterling melodic craftsmanship and pithy, forthright lyrics. What Is Love For maintains those qualities, while achieving impressive new levels of musical and emotional immediacy.

"3 ½ stars. Those looking for more of the bouncy pop Justin Currie used to effortlessly churn out as frontman/singer/songwriter for Del Amitri may need to reconsider before picking up his debut solo release. While Currie`s pop instincts remain strong, this album of lovelorn ballads stays locked in mush mode for the entirety of its 45 minutes. While that might initially be a deterrent to some, once you get used to the concept, the listener can appreciate it for what it is: a sumptuous set of lovely, meticulously arranged songs, sung with earnest emotion and empathy. Comparisons to much of McCartney`s love tunes are in order. Imagine an album filled with variations on "My Love" and you`re close to what Currie creates here. The melodies are simple yet elegant, the production clean and crisp with few signs of the sappy gunk this could easily have turned into. The singer`s vocals are instantly recognizable, but in this format of music from the heart they seem even more impressive, as he`s obviously connected to the material and not aiming for chart success. It`s a perfect soundtrack for rainy days and Sundays, or as accompaniment to anyone who has ever lost a love and needed to hear those sentiments expressed with honesty, sympathy and warmth."-AMG.