JIM BOGGIA - Safe In Sound

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"This record is incredible. Each song is powerful and different than the next on the record. Jim Boggia's voice is spectacular and engaging, the music is overwhelming, the songs are moving. The people who support him on this album are clearly there because they are fans as well. Aimee Mann, Wayne Kramer, Jill Sobule, Emmitt Rhodes, the drummer from the Eels, Beck's bass player, the list goes on and on and on. But they are all there to support the true talent that is the man on the cover. Jim Boggia puts the singer/songwriters who are in the mainstream right now to shame. He is so much more evocative and interesting."

"With nearly an hour"s worth of music, Safe in Sound gives you a lot of new Boggia material, which should come as a balm to fans who have been waiting years for this sophomore release. It"s a lot of music to take in, though, and for full appreciation, requires many listens to let the more subtle aspects reveal themselves.

Jim Boggia is a precise and clever wordsmith, and one who can assemble well-crafted layers of pop rock that ranges from quieting soft ballads to bouncy upbeat full-band numbers. He has a gift for melody and songwriting and, like Mike Viola, is graced with a voice that expresses every nuance and emotion. His engaging talents are well-showcased in this latest collection, as enumerated above. Safe in Sound delivers on the promise of Boggia"s first album, and builds on that with a more mature musical approach. Let"s hope it"s not quite as long before we get the next installment." - Pop Matters