JEREMY - Love Explosion

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"Here on Jeremy’s latest effort Love Explosion, his own distinguished brand of pop rock is vaulted into thrilling new dimensions. Twinkling twelve-string riffs rest bumper to bumper with blistering rhythms, while smartly sculpted arrangements and a surplus of fertile melodies add extra weight to the already strong material.

Positive messages are transmitted in droves throughout Love Explosion, managed by an emphasis on faith in a better and brighter tomorrow, be it the psychical consciousness we now inhabit in or the afterlife.

The spirit of the Byrds is continuously resurrected, most notably on tunes like the super catchy “Save Me From Myself,” the absolutely euphoric “Rise Above The Clouds” and the utterly infectious “Radiant Future Days,” which sneaks snippets of sizzling psychedelic angles into the jingling jangling jamboree.

A paisley-papered presence further arrives on the fat and crunchy “Not Of This World,” and on “Street Called Straight,” loping blues licks are dispatched with clarity and finesse before culminating into a distorted mass of freaky feedback." - Something Else Reviews

"He still channels The Byrds and Beatles jangle quite nicely on “Save Me From Myself” and “Radiant Future Days.” And he still has a tendency to stretch a song like “Hearts On Fire” long past seven minutes and the trippy sound effects on a few songs linger on a bit too long… but few can carry these big pop hooks with hard rock guitar crunchiness better. Get it and turn up that volume." - Power PopAholic.