JEFF MURPHY (Shoes) - Cantilever

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"This is just a fun album. Jeff Murphy of the legendary power pop group Shoes has put together an organic sounding album with more hooks than a bait and tackle shop. The song “I’m a Tool for You” sounds a little like Lindsey Buckingham mixed with McCartney on a sunny day. The ballad “Unconditional Love” has a slow dreamy quality, not unlike my favorite Moodly Blues ballads of the 70s. The closest thing to Shoes here is a jangle mid-tempo number “It Happens all the Time,” but alot of this Jeff doing his best to spread his wings and enjoy the process without trying to “sound” like a Shoes record. in my opinion he hits solid gold with the song “Won’t take Yes for an Answer,” an amazing hard driving guitar pop classic that stands with the best work he’s ever done. This album easily makes my “best of 2007” list so far."- PowerPopAholic