ICE CREAM HANDS - The Good China

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2007 album. Australian only." I have been a fan of Ice Cream Hands for ages. I consider them one of the first great power pop bands to come out of Australia. With some artists you need a few spins of a CD to let it sink in. Not with these guys. The sound is an immediate satisfaction of harmony and melody. After the last album I heard “Broken UFO” in 2002, things were quiet. This new album “The Good China” finds Marcus Goodwin, Charles Jenkins, Douglas Lee Robertson and Derek Smiley up to their old tricks. Opening with “Come Along” it’s a rich full pop song that is full of the classic Ice Cream Hands sound. Best described as Teenage Fanclub meets Crowded House. The album continues with a droning riff on “In the Back seat of a stolen Car.” It then switches gears for the very Beatlesque ballad “Holding On.” Continuing on, almost every song is a keeper and the band’s maturity that was evident on “Broken UFO” is here as well, shown especially on the the very Finn-like “Anyway.”" - Power Popaholic