HUGE BUNDLE - The Most Amazing Collection of Power Pop CD-rs - Package #1

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Okay. There are TWO of these massive bundles. This one has a 176 really good looking, color-art, mastered-from-vinyl CDrs!

Yes, this is 176 CDrs!

Now, here's the story. About 15 years ago, I had a friend who was painstakingly was transferring vinyl to CD-r and he asked a bunch of friends, myself included, to send him parts of our vinyl collections to allow him to take out the pops 'n clicks and make really good sounding CD-rs from them AND add to them some really good looking art work. He called the series MFV - Mastered From Vinyl.

Over the years, I've mis-placed a bunch of them but I have about 350 of those, which have split into two different packages. This listing here is one of those two packages. These two packages are one of a kind, totally unique and not available anywhere. They are from my personal collection and, if you get this, will now be part of yours.

There's some amazing music in here - and, some cases, some less than amazing music as not all the MFV fit my own personal tastes of 'power pop' but most of it is pretty darn cool. Most of the music here is late 70s/early 80s power pop and new wave - with some very interesting, off-the-beaten-path bands from the 90s mixed in. See the list below for a full listing to digest and assess. These were albums that never were released on CD or digitally back when they were done and, mostly even today that is still this case as you read the list below.

I've taken a picture of one of the CD-rs here for you to see how the art work design looks on each one. Click on the images on this page to see.

Regardless, the cost of this huge box is a pittance compared to what a regular cost CD would cost - plus, the whole experience of discovering new tunes and enjoying old faves is fairly priceless so this is a bargain.

This two bundles are for a particular kind of music fan - probably one that grew up the 70s and was already a avid record buyer so some of these obscure names will connect or vaguely recollect for you. There was so much new wave, skinny tie and power pop that came out in the late 70s/early 80s - a lot of merely good acts and some no to good, imho. Some of of those are here for your ears but a whole lot are gonna be exciting to enjoy and many will bring new discoveries of artists you never heard or got around to hearing. If you are old and set in your ways w/ what and how you listen to music, I would say don't bother to read any further. If not, chew on the list below. :-)

COST TO SHIP THIS TO YOUR HOME VIA FED-EX Ground IS $50.00 - it's over a 175 CDs, after all. There some weight here.

IF YOU LIVE OUTSIDE OF THE U.S., YOU CAN ORDER THIS BUT, MAN, IT'S EXPENSIVE. That's your call. Sorry, no way around that. It will cost $210.00 if you want this massive box shipped to you.

Here's the full list for this package:

THE LATE SHOW - Portable Pop

The Palety Brothers - s/t

Sue Saad and the Next - s/t

Dwight Twilley - Scuba Divers

DWight Twilley - Wild Dogs

The Pop - The Pop/Hearts & Knives

The Hitmen - Aim For the Feet/Torn Together

Richard Barone & James Mastro - Nuts & Bolts

Pezband - Best of Pezband(24 tracks)

The Busboys - The Artista Years

The Producers - The Producers/You Make The Heat

Stiv Bators - Collection of POp Tracks

The Producers - Run For Your Life

The Laughing Dogs - Best Of (20 trax)

The Tourists - Reality Effect (UK version)

V/A - Skinny Tie New Wave power Pop Compilation

The Sports - Dont' Throw Stones(US Version)

Holiday - Collection(best of)

Donnie Iris & The Cruisers - Best Of

The Act - Too Late To act

W/A - Waves (features 20/20, Paul Collins, Romantics, Flashcubes and more - from 1979)

DB Cooper - Every Man A King/Buy American/Dangerous Curves

Suede - Singles Collection

The Dickies - Incredible Shrinking Dickies

Teardrop Explodes - Rewards: best of

The Chords - Collection (20 trax)

Mick JOnes - collection of solo trax

The Supernaturals - Phenomenon (best of)

The Tremblers - Twice Nightly

The Records - Music On Both Sides

Richard Lloyd - Alchemy

The Kinks: Best of 1977-1989

RF & THE RADAR ANGELS - Picture of Linda

Neil Finn - Blueprint (collection)

Pear Harbour - Don't Follow Me, I'm Lost Too

BMX Bandits - Best Of

The Beat - Goes ON(best of comp)

Dirty Looks - Turn It Up (2nd album on Stiff UK)

Carlene Carter/Nick Lowe/Paul Carrack - Compilation

The Last - LA Explosion

The Mice - Scooter/For Almost Ever

Clovis Roblaine - Clovis Roblaine Story

Rubber City Rebels - s/t

Milk 'n Cookies - s/t

Ian North - Neo

Single Bullet Theory - s/t

Beat Rodeo - Staying Out Late (w/ both US and UK versions and 1982 Steve Almaas EP)

The Pop - Best Of compilation

Earthquake - Two Years in A Padded Cell

Bram Tchaikovsky - Funland

Bob Segarini - Gotta Have Bob: Best of Segarini

Translator - Evening of the Harvest

Ian Gomm - Best Of(25 tracks)

The Winkies - s/t

The FOols - Heavy Mental

Gary Charlson - Real Live Gary w/ bonus

The Teddy Boys - On Air

Los Illegals - Internal Exile

The Trend - The Trend Is In

Captain Sensible - Women and captain First

Miracle Legion - Surprise Surprise

Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart - s/t

V/A - KROQ - Songs that KROQ Forgot - Vol. 6 (songs from 80s)

The Family Cat - Litterbox

Kim Larsen & Jungledreams - Sitting on a Time Bomb

Gruppo Sportivo - A Collection Best Of

Mental As Anything - For Your Listening Pleasure (2 CDrs)

Live Wire - No Frigght

Paul Warren & Explorer - One of the Kids

Billy Karloff & the Extremes - Let Your Fingers DoThe Talking

Roy Sundholm - The Chinese Method/East to West

The Numbers - Add Up

Hod & Marc - s/t

Sussman Lawrence - Pop City

The Gangsters - s/t

Jona Lewie - Best Of

The Elektrics - Current Events/STate of Shock

Simon Townshend - Sweet Sound

Doll by Doll - Gypsy Blood

Scott Wilk and the Walls - s/t

The Heaters - the heaters/Energy Transfer

STerling - City Kids

Martin Plaza(Mental As ANything leader) - Best of

Alda Reserve - Love Goes On

The Blades - Raytown Revisited 1980-1985

The Innocents s/t

Splodgenessaboundss - Greatest Shits

3D - 3D/See It Loud

Shaun Cassidy - Wasp

The Numbers - Anthology 64-67

Little Bo Bitch(also known in US as The Lonely Boys) - The Lonely Boys

Mark Andrews and the Gents - Big Boy

PUressence - Bsides

The Nips - bops, Babes, Booze & Bower

Pointed Sticks - Perfect Youth

Lancelot Link and the Evolutions Revolution

Clocks - Clocks

The Roulettes - s/t

4 out of 5 Doctors - Breaking Rocks: the best of

John Watts (of Fisher-Z) - Blueprint: Best Of

Fingerprintz - Best Of

Nick Garvey(the Motors) - Blue Skies

Sneakers - Ear Cartoons

Wazmo Nariz - Things Aren't Right/Tell Me How TO Live

Joey Harris and the Speedsters - s/t

Baxter Robinson - Panorama View/Vanishing Point Two

Mark Andrews and the Gents - Big Boy

Warm Guns - Italiano Moderno/For HEartbreakers Only

Red Rockers - Condition Red

Darling - Put It Down To experience

Quincy - Quincy

SVT - Extended Play / No Regrets

The Call - The Call

Fingerprintz - The Very Dab

Maurice and the Cliches - C'est la Vie

Bonie Hayes adn the Wild Combo - Good Clean Fun/Brave New Girl