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This is a Japanese reissue from the mid-00s. It comes with the full art work, liner notes in Japanese, obi strips but the discs are professional CD-rs for the press that they did. This, their one and only album, is filled with great songs, memorable melodies, and beautiful, refined orchestration and tasteful playing -- a lot like the Beatles in the years from HELP! leading up to SGT. PEPPER. And the songs are in a league with some of the better work with this band's Deram Records label-mates, the Moody Blues What's more, the remastering for this CD issue has yielded an album that superior in the listening experience to the vinyl version (which I used to own, 25 years ago or so). You can't go wrong with it."4 stars. listening to this CD it's easy to understand the comparisons constantly made between this group and the Beatles, Badfinger, and the Bee Gees -- the group had a similar knack for mixing gorgeous melodies, strong playing, and pretty harmonies on some of their material, and loud, psychedelic guitar and pounding, driving textures recalling Jimi Hendrix and the Creation on other songs, and the best of both sounds are here. The annotation isn't all that it should be, but considering the sheer attractiveness of the music, that's a minor problem, and better histories are available elsewhere for anyone who cares." - AMG