HENRY GROSS - One More Tomorrow: The Best Of

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Rare for some time, no less than $25 anywhere online. I have been listening to Henry Gross since 1973 when I won the legendary *Yellow Album* in one of those goofy radio contests, you know, where you call in and answer a question AND were the 19th caller. LOL I have that very album (LP) laying on my desk right now. IT is the best Henry Gross album bar none. It starts out with the tear jerker "Simone". Man that dood can hit the high note in that one. The 2nd song is "Come On and Say It". 3rd is "The Ever Lovin' Days". 4th is "Lay Your Love Song Down". 5th is "Meet Me On The Corner". That's all on side A. Side B consists of: "How I'm Gonna Love You". 2nd song is "With the Sleep In My Eyes". 3rd is "Fly Away". 4th is "Skin King", probably the rockingest song Henry ever did, "You don't need no handsome face, fancy suits or resume. If your parts are all in place, I'll be your connection." Jayziss. And the last song on side B is "Sweet Sassafras", obviously an ol' skweez. ("She can kiss, with both lips, stuck on top of mine.") I highly recommend this album and you can purchase the LP over on Henry's site for a paltry $100.00. Or, you can get the CD