GLEN BURTNICK - Retrospectacle

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1996’s Retrospectacle was the fourth solo release from AOR singer/multi-instrumentalist Glen Burtnick. Perhaps best known for his time in Styx, Burtnick’s solo albums have been some of the better, if mostly unrecognized, releases in the genre.

Retrospectacle was kind of an odd collection of songs; some old, some new. It still works quite well as an overall listening experience. The songs are all very well written, and of course Burtnick executes them perfectly. He has such a great voice for AOR. Kind of like John Waite’s, but also reminiscent of Marillion’s Steve Hogarth at times. The songs have a John Waite vibe too, though a couple of tracks seem a bit more Beatles-inspired. They’re all fairly pop-oriented, so don’t expect much rocking out.

You can always count on Glen Burtnick to deliver high quality, lighter-edged AOR, and Retrospectacle is no exception. If you’re a fan of his ‘80s material or his work in Styx, this one is well worth picking up. It’s also a good album for fans of John Waite, Alias, Brett Walker and Gowan.