GIGOLO AUNTS - Learn to Play Guitar

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6 song EP> A six-song EP released while fans waited (and waited) for the Gigolo Aunts to follow up Flippin' Out,Learn to Play Guitar features some of the band's finest work. The unforgettable lead track, "Kinda Girl," is guitar-driven power-pop at its best, featuring clever lyrics and infectious hooks, while "Wishing You the Worst" is a resentful and melancholy ballad reminiscent of Grand Prix-era Teenage Fanclub. "Sway" is trademark Gigolo Aunts, constantly building before unleashing into its chorus, and "Rocking Chair" twists and turns without a trace of restraint. Though only a brief endeavor, Learn to Play Guitarprovided fans with just enough satisfaction to tide them over until the next full-length release.