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Promo. "Soundsd like Matthew Sweet...wonderfully addicting..pure now for pop people, this is." - Goldmine. "8 out of 10...Gavin Guss returns after his sharp debut and happy to report there isn’t a sophomore slump. After starting out with the piano ballad “Avenue A,” it reminded me more of Mark Bacino or Elvis Costello. The tempo picks up quite nicely on “Come Over” and its got a sweet guitar hook in the rhythm. This album is a bit more personal, the breakup song “Voice Inside My Head” has an interesting percussive treatment and the slow melodic ballad “Riga In The Fall” is similar to Jeff Larson’s laid back approach.

The rock guitar comes bouncing back on the title track, but it sounds a little forced compared to the other songs. (Note: originally I thought the lyrics were about Jesus, but it’s not. Doh!) And it gets better as we go forward. The serious subjects of “Wonder Too” and “Invent You Myself” are on par with Mike Viola and the brilliant “Will To Fly” with its solid melody and catchy chorus really impressed me. Overall, a smart showcase for Gavin’s expanding songwriting talents." - PowerPopAholic"