FUZZBUBBLE - Demos, Out-Takes and Rarities

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ONE COPY! On the Not Lame Limited label so only 500 copies pressed.

"Outakes"? Not really. There's a dozen hit singles on this album.
Maybe it's Fuzzbubble's destiny to be appreciated in this way - the discovery of great music just when everyone thought it was buried forever.
These guys re-wrote the book on power pop, because they fully understand both elements: power AND pop.

Fuzzbubble got wrung through the music industry wringer with its involvement, frustrating stagnation, and eventual release from a bad label, and Demos, Outtakes and Rarities is what remained after all the dust settled. The material presented isn't badly recorded in spite of being culled from numerous sessions from 1994 through 1997, with hooks aplenty in homage to all things '70s and sugary (Cheap Trick and Jellyfish especially and more poppy Elvis Costello) to modern peers who share in similar emulation (Lenny Kravitz, Enuff Z'nuff, Redd Kross). The first-rate liner notes and enthusiasm make Fuzzbubble seem like a lot more than it ever really was, and the songs show this lack of success wasn't the band's fault.