FOOLS GARDEN - Dish of the Day

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Dutch import.

"I can not believe that the big record companies around the world have not picked up this band. They deserve to be on the world scene. "Dish of the Day" just blew me away when I first heard it. The opening track "Ordinary Man" is written somewhat like "Boheamian Rhapsody" with many varied parts and the whole song runs very smoothly. "Meanwhile" is just a classic rock song and "Lemon Tree" speaks for itself. "Pieces" is a nice pub rock song you can imagine everyone singing along slightly drunk. "Take Me" is a semi-hard rock song. It is probably the least best song on the album but it is still good to listen to. "Wild Days" is brialliant. Very cleverly written and a classic chorus anyone can sing along with. "The Seal" and "Autumn" are a nice couple of rock songs to lead into the beautiful piano piece "The Tocsin". "The Tocsin" is probably one of the most unusual songs by Fool's Garden, maybe except "Only A Day". This song shows their knowledge of classical music and is very moving and powerful. The next song "Finally" begins to draw the album to a close. The song finishes with the classic "One Fine Day". This is probably the 'guitar' song of the album and ends in a great finale. Absolutely magnificiant album." - Amazon