FLASH AND THE PAN - s/t & Lights in the Night (2 CDs)

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Out of print for almost 20 years in as a 2-CD set. Goes for $20+ now.

"Flash and the Pan was a fantastic band that somehow blended dark lyrics into very catchy Pop songs--an oxymoron for sure. All of the previous reviews are dead accurate. Their later albums ("Early Morning Wakeup Call", "Nights In France" and "Burning Up The Night") were a bit more commercial and not as dark as their early stuff but the albums are still extremely enjoyable even if they are a little more mainstream than their first 3 albums.

For those looking for all of their albums, it is difficult, but possible to get them; however, it will take a bit of work. The internet has been the effort a bit easier than when I attempted to complete my collection 7 years ago. I am fortunate to own each of their 8 albums (2 of them were greatest hits albums). For those looking, I think almost all of the studio albums are on CD with the exception of "Headlines". I've tried locating the CD version of "Early Morning Wakeup Call" but haven't been able to get it, so I simply ripped by LP version.

Flash and the Pan were ahead of their time and very unique. I've never heard another band like them. Their songs were smart, quirky and almost as catchy as something from the power-pop genre while being menacing and dark. A weird, fascinating combination that is shockingly listenable."-Amazon