ELLEN FOLEY - Spirit of St. Louis

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RARE and out of print. Goes for $40+ on Amazon. (see picture) It is not still sealed but mint.

Ellen Foley (remember her from Bat Out of Hell and Night Court?) is in possession of one of the great voices of modern pop music. Originally released in 1981 and ignored by the general public, this brilliant collection of songs has been remastered and released in the UK. If you like, The Motels, Ronnie Spector and The Clash, you may love this. Most of the songs were written by the Clash and it was produced by Joe Strummer. She covers so many genres here, that it might have been a bit confusing for the general public. My favorite cut is The Death of the Psychoanalyst of Slavador Dali written by Mick Jones and Joe Strummer. Her performance on this song is an emotional rainstorm. She covers an Edith Piaf standard, Mon Legionaire, and again, pure emotion is what it's all about. The bonus track of Le Palais Secret is a great suprise. A jewel that should not be missed.