DOLOUR - Suburbiac

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Dolour—although shying away from a complete pop reinvention—does put a delightful spin on an age-old formula. Yet, it’s a formula that’s been degraded and demoted beneath a market of disposable pop puppets. Ultimately, Suburbiac is radiantly pop and artfully innocent, through and through. And, honestly, when was the last time you could genuinely say that about an album?"-Pop Matters

He's clearly listened to a lot of lovesick harmonic pop in his time, everything from the Beatles, the Beach Boys, and Big Star to fellow Washingtonians like the Posies, but it's surprising how much "Highway Hypnosis," in particular, sounds like a less dance-oriented Scritti Politti. Although "new wave" isn't an appellation that applies to Dolour quite as well (despite all the keyboards), there's no shame in conjuring up the spirit of that now largely forgotten "sophisti-pop" band (whether intentionally or not) -- Green Gartside and company had it all over the haircut bands of the 1980s, what with Gartside's heavenly vocals and superior sense of songcraft. If the less-consistent Suburbiac doesn't quite hit the heights of Scritti's classic Cupid & Psyche '85, it's still an admirably accomplished release from this mop-topped boy wonder and his multi-instrumentalist pals.