DEL AMITRI - Just Before You Leave CD EP

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4 song EP from 2002 w/ 3 nonLP tracks. The Septicc Jubilee, Belong Belong, Jus Before You Leave(which is a video)

Part 1 of a 2-cd cd-single set for the first single off Del Amitri's long awaited 6th studio album, "Can You Do Me Good?". This disc clocks in at 15.34 and includes the single (edit) version of the groovy, bass-driven 'Just Before You Leave' as well as two moody b-sides (and if you're new to Del Amitri, their b-sides are usually as good or better than the singles themselves).
This disc comes in a slimline case and in addition to the three excellent tracks, includes the video for 'Just Before You Leave' starring "soccer star" Vick Plectrum. It's a unique video and suits the mood of the lyrics rather well. Also included in the video (computer) portion of this cd are four photographs of the band (two of which include only Currie and Harvie) as well as an amusing biography of the band and their recent exploits.
The single, penned by Currie and Harvie is closest in spirit to one of the Dels' most recent songs, 'Cry to Be Found' (from 1998's "Best of" compilation). It's driven by a great bass line and enhanced by moody keyboards. The two b-sides on this release are even moodier. 'The Septic Jubilee' is a Currie original (produced by the Groovey Tubes!) with a heavy emphasis on dirge-like keyboards and dark, cynical lyrics. A worthy b-side addition to the Del ouevre! The last track, 'Belong Belong' is probably the weakest track from the two cd set. It's unfinished sounding and includes more effects than most Del fans will be used to--lots of drum machine. It fits the mood of cd1 and is a decent song overall, but doesn't measure up to some of the Dels' other b-sides (including the excellent cuts on cd2).
Overall, this is a very good cd single and worth acquiring for the video and the excellent 'The Septic Jubilee' b-side. CD2, however, includes the two better b-sides so I would start there first. Highly Recommended.