DANIEL AMOS - Songs of the Heart

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"This was my introduction to Daniel Amos. It was an easy album to overlook (can you call a cassette or CD an "album"?) if you didn't know what you were looking for: a balding gentleman and his portly wife smiling for the camera with the red rocks and coniferous trees of Arizona behind them, looking like the cover of a collection of favorite hymns recorded in the sixties or seventies. When you look at the list of odd song titles you realize that all is not as it seems.

This album is a theme album for the most part, following the lives of a married couple from their wedding to their waning days of life. The music is varied and eclectic, and many of the songs are more spoken word set to music than sung lyrics, but it actually sounds better than that description - that's part of the charm of Daniel Amos. They're just...unusual.

The lyrics of many of the songs deal with love, but only one or two are in the vein of contemporary rock "love", puppy love/love-at-first-sight kind of stuff; more often, they examine the love that matures and sustains a man and a woman over the years of their lives together, keeping them close together. Other songs examine aging and facing changing times and sensibilities, the possibility of genuinely finding God amidst religious hokum, and the sentiment that a great generation is passing away. It's not all dewy sentimentality, though. There's a brief song about those kids and their loud modern music, and that morning in the diner when one realizes over a cup of thick, bitter coffee that one's body isn't going to last, and the next generation is only just beginning with their dreams while you're left with your memories.

I apologize in that I don't feel I'm doing this album justice with my description. It is a collection of songs that communicate different moods, questions (and occasionally conclusions), and the ponderables of life, usually through the eyes of an elderly couple. It is both silly and bittersweet, jesting and reflecting.

Oh, just buy it already. If you have eclectic musical tastes and an ear for quirkiness, give it a try."- Amazon