25 CD GRAB BAG OF MISC. CHRISTIAN CDs - Big 'ole Box 'o Tunes

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Okay...real simple. 25 CDs for $19.97. Nice!

Random collections, 'grab bags' if you will, of 25(Twenty Five) different Christian CDs that fall into the melodic rock vein. 25 CDs for $20(plus postage of $5.50 to ship out the box of them, if you live in the U.S. - because of the weight and amount of CDs, it's $40 to ship outside of the U.S.)

I have eight of these available so feel free to order more than one, if you want. :-)

Yup, you'd be taking a bit of chance but if you like the excitement, titilation of opening up a box of what could be some awesome finds, this will provide that - along with some really, really good music.

Almost all of the CDs were carried on the Not Lame site back in the 00s and were never played beyond putting up soundbites for folks to sample what they sounded like.