{BUNDLE} Grab Bag of Mixed Not Lame Distribution Carried CDs (40 CDs in each)

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There are FIVE sets of these. Do NOT order more than 'one' or you'll have duplicates.

EACH Bundle has 40 CDs.

You own't find a fun, good-to-great quality grab bag of music like this one for this price.

Can't beat this - There's all kinds of high-quality music contained in these bundles and you'll find WAY more to discover and WAY more solid, good music than you would by taking a chance inside the $1 dollar bins of used CD stores. There are some promotional CD compilations that I had hanging around but most of these are power pop/Not Lame mail order related.

These bundles are just meant to 'hand off' to open-minded music/power pop fans who are willing to encounter a lot of good 'new'(sic) music they would not have otherwise for very little money. Like I said...."grab bag' but good, all-over-the-melodic-rock map.