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Well, here it is, the record that fans of Buddy's and Julie's solo albums have been eagerly awaiting. Of course, true fans are aware that every disc by either of them has been a de facto Buddy & Julie Miller record. He plays all over hers, she sings and writes all over his--what's the difference here? Other than more equally divided lead vocals, not much--some studio versions of favorites from their live performances, some cool covers (Richard Thompson, Bob Dylan), a trio vocal with Emmylou Harris, and "That's Just How She Cries," a tune that demonstrates why Julie is one of our finest songwriters and Buddy is one of our most soulful singers. Buddy & Julie Miller may be a bunch of tracks thrown together to appease the throngs clamoring for a duo project, rather than the revelation some had hoped, but it still serves as an energetic simulacrum of their shows and will do just fine until the next Buddy and/or Julie Miller record.