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For NON-U.S. - cost to ship is $78.00


I did this in earlier in 2013 - I think it was back inthe spring. It crazy then, it's still kind of crazy now. But I gotta do more clearing out of space.

Anyway, this is a REAL GRAB BAG offer or let's call it a GRAB BOX, since it's shipped in a box. ;-P

It is not meant for everyone - in fact, probably only just a small percentage of folks, actually.

Some of you know of my ongoing wrestling match with my wife of almost 30 years with freeing up space in garage and my storage space. Both are still storing way, way too many CDs leftover from the Not Lame years and inside my own personal collection.

I made great strides the last year, though. I'm getting there! However, there's more space to clear out and I'm not messing around.

SO THIS IS WHAT I AM GOING TO DO: It is bit wacky. I have a lot of CDs stored in USPS mailing bins. The picture of these is on this page. They hold around 140 CDs. 4 layers, 2 on the bottom, 2 on the top level. I am going to box up each one of the four mail bins of CDs and you can have 'em for, literally, pennies. About .50 cents each.

WHAT'S GOING TO BE IN EACH BOX: TOTALLY random. Many different music styles but most will be in the indie rock, alternative, power pop, rock vein. Totally, literally a random grab bag and with that no guarantee that the music will kick your ass. I'll repeat - no guarantee. This is right for you if you love the idea of 'why not?!'.

WHAT IS THE COST? $75.00 plus shipping(see below).

HOW MANY DO YOU HAVE AVAILABLE, BRUCE? Only 4 boxes are available..or, uh, 'bins'! ;-P (These will NOT be shipped in the mail bins but put into a large box)

WHAT KIND OF PERSON SHOULD LOOK AT THIS? Well, this is ONLY for people with a spark for discovery and into the "Why not, I'll take a chance!" kind of spirit. If you are a picky sort of music fan, highly selective and choosy - THIS IS NOT FOR YOU. If you are an open-minded music fan, who loves the idea of trolling through bargain bins and you say to yourself "Screw it - why not?!" - then...THIS IS FOR YOU.

WHAT KIND OF CDs WILL BE IN THE BOX? All over the place - indie rock, alternative, power pop and rock 'n roll. The quality? Totally mixed and of a random, uncertain nature with matching up with your personal tastes. I repeat: NO QAULITY GUARANTEES. If you do not have any Not Lame label CDs and would like some thrown in, email me after you order and I can do that for you.

HOW MUCH IS SHIPPING? It will ship FedEx Ground, insured. It is 37 POUNDS of music! I can NOT ship to a P.O. Box. For the UNITED STATES: $29.00 and NON-UNITED STATES: $88.00

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