BOX SET - THE SMITHEREENS - The Mega Box Set (21 CDs)

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The ULTIMATE rarity in power pop and especially for fans of the Smithereens. 500 of these were made and they are impossible to find. I was working on a box set during the Not Lame years and Pat DiNizio and I had a few talks about doing something. It went as far as calls to arrange licensing w/ Capital in 2003 but then it went nowhere because the label said they wanted to do one themselves.

Well, they never did - but Pat a few years later had started to gather up all the material to go through for one...and put this out around 2005. Pressed up 500 and he autographed and numbered each one. As I recall, it sold for about $125 and here it is for even less and you are gonna struggle to even find a copy to buy!

This box is in near mint and it goes for $225-$300 when you can find one. I found one that was much more used than this one because I probably only listened to 1/3 of the discs here as Not Lame was so very busy when this came out I never had the time.

Limited to 500 copies, this set sold out quickly, just before all mention of it curiously disappeared from Pat's site. It has been rumored that his fellow bandmates objected to this release, and had it pulled from sale.Whatever the story, this is the real deal. All of the discs are real, silver-pressed CDs, and each is housed in a small square plastic sleeve, with a single sheet color insert for each CD, with photos and full track listing with recording details. This is a collector's condition specimen of this rare box set. I took good care of it.

Full Track List Is Here: