BOX SET: TALKING HEADS - Once In Life Time (3 CDs, 1 DVD)

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A gorgeous, beautiful box set but a pain in the butt to ship because of it's weird, strange and long size. The first-ever Talking Heads box! Covers 1976–1992, including almost four hours of career-spanning, groundbreaking music. Remastered for startling sound! Over 50 tracks on three loaded CDs, including all their biggest hits, plus a selection of five previously unreleased rarities, outtakes, and alternate versions. Packaged with the out-of-print video compilation Storytelling Giant, now on DVD for the first time—and newly expanded with three previously unreleased bonus clips! Set is packaged in an artistic and uniquely designed horizontal layout, including commentary from notables including: renowned music journalist David Fricke; cultural studies guru Dick Hebdige, author of Subculture: The Meaning Of Style; revered Japanese editor and scribe Kyoichi Tsuzuki; author Ricky Moody; and women of letters Maggie Estep and Mary Gaitskill.

"This three CD, 1 DVD set is packaged in a long coffee table style book (hardcover)with a number of essays, rare photos and contributions from the band members.

Don't trade in Sand In The Vaseline just yet. The track listing for both sets aren't identical. I Want To Live (included on Sand In The Vaseline) isn't included here. Disc One has 21 tracks focusing on the band's first two albums (plus A Clean Break from the MIA The Name of This Band is Talking Heads). Disc Two focuses on albums 3, 4 and 5 over the course of 17 remastered tracks. However, Cities and Drugs are alternate versions. In the case of Life During Wartime it sounds quite a bit different from the version on Fear of Music because of the sound effects and the mix. Drugs also has a slightly different mix making it memorable when compared to the version on Fear of Music. 5 Tracks appear from the seminal Remain In Light. A couple of the selections from Speaking In Tongues are from the cassette (and early CD)versions and, as a result, are slightly longer than the verisons currently available (and than those on Sand).
Finally Disc Three pulls together the twilight of the Heads' career. There are no songs from Stop Making Sense (which is just as well since this has already been remastered with bonus tracks). The last 17 songs are drawn from the band's last three albums with the exception of one outtake/previously unreleased track (In Asking Land which is a stunning song. I'm surprised that it wasn't released before now)and two songs drawn from the Sand compilation (which means that Gangster of Love and Popsicle the "lighter" tracks from the compilation don't appear here at all).
Altogether an odd assortment that crosses over somewhat but not completely with Sand In The Vaseline. A pity that they don't cross over completely and add a fourth disc featuring the MIA The Name of This Band Is Talking Heads (guess I'll continue listening to my CDR transferred from vinyl).
Still, the DVD is a nice bonus as it features all the important videos and a couple of ones that have previously been unreleased. It's a bit annoying that some of the dialog that connects the videos overlaps with the music. Additionally, the book itself is beautifully designed and small enough to avoid the self important look of an art book. The remastered sound is exceptional. " Amazon