BOX SET: SPLIT ENZ - 1972-1979 (6 CDs)

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Australian only box set from 1992 with 6 CDs of their first five albums between 1972-1979(Dizrythmia, Mental Notes, Second Thoughts, Frenzy, Beginning Of The Enz) and a extra CD of odds 'n sods. The Box itself is in a bit of rough shape. Just worn at all the edges. The CDs are in perfect shape, though. Goes between $80-$300.

This is an expensive set but for fans of good mastering for great music, it is well worth it. The earliest releases of the music of Split Enz on CD (at least in the U.S.) used the masters for vinyl. This set Improves on those using the mastertapes where possible and each one (while both sets are mentioned here they are separate sets coverng the early and late years of the band. The early years are in the silver set, the later years is housed in a gold cardboard box).

Each album comes in its own jewel case with a booklet featuring the original insert material for the respective album (I.e., if there were lyrics or other credits There's also a booklet with touring information, photos and info about the band's history.

Aside from the mastering which sounds quite nice (not overly compressed although a couple of titles were a bit bright), each set has a disc of simgle b-sides many of which hadn't been available on CD before. Some of these were added as bonus tracks for the most recent remasters but those remasters were harsh sounding and compressed with little dynamic range.

Avoid the latest remasters and go for this set instead.