BOX SET: THE SAINTS - The Greatest Cowboy Movie Never Made (4 CDs)

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4 CD box set box set compilation comprising TheSaints' albums released between 1981 and 1984, their EP Paralytic Tonight, Dublin Tomorrow and an unreleased live disc titled A Gallon of Rum is a Harsh Mistress The Morning After. Live in Oz. Goes for $30 and up.

This is a plug for this set plus The Saints in general. Of the music I liked in 1977 or so, I still listen to Graham Parker, The Jam, and The Saints. This is a 4-disc set from the early 80's, with one disc live, the others being The Monkey Puzzle, In the Jungle, and A Little Madness to be Free. When I'm feeling out of joint with the world, this music revives. It's intelligent with edge and conviction. Searing guitar, good melodies, humor (especially in the live disc). The "group" is still around (Chris Bailey anyway), with an excellent recent release "King of the Sun". Loads of great songs: "Ghost Ships", "Photograph", "Simple Love", "Call It Mine", "Don't Send Me Roses", "Casablanca" from the Paralytic Today, Dublin Tonight EP, a biting cover of "Dizzie Miss Lizzie" (starts with a gargling sound and "superbe"). The 4 discs come in cardboard sleeves with original artwork. Maybe if they weren't from Australia and had been on bigger labels (they had a French label for a while), they'd be more famous.