BOX SET - THE DOOBIE BROTHERS - Long Train Runnin': 1970-2000 (4 CDs)

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Very rare, going between $85-$600! Here, for a fraction and less than it originally went for when it came out....

This is promo box w/ the UPC scratched out is all.

One would be hard-pressed to find a band more perfectly symbolic of the good-times politics-be-damned esprit de cannabis that symbolized a good chunk of 70's rock. While the Beach Boys were busy becoming an anachronism, the Doobs effectively took their mantle, fusing an array of musical Americana--be it blues, country, folk, or gospel (they saved jazz and funk for their Michael McDonald-fronted incarnation)--into a remarkably popular string of albums and radio hits by simply asking not much more of us than to "Listen to the Music." And if they didn't get much more controversial than to declare "Jesus Is Just Alright," well, that was kind of the point. This Rhino anthology is typically exhaustive. All the familiar radio hits are here, as well as a good sampling of deep catalog from the band's various line-ups, not to mention a few standout Tom Johnston and Patrick Simmons solo outings. Hardcore Doobie Bros. fans should be especially pleased by the fourth disc, which contains a wealth of outtakes and demos from the band's early '70s and '80s prime.