BOX SET - JOHN LENNON - Anthology Box Set (4 CDs)

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Gorgeous 1998 box, in near-mind condition, actually would be mint if the plastic was still on it! ;_P

Disc 1 ASCOT: (the best) revolves about his first two solo albums, Plastic Ono Band and Imagine. Disc 2 NEW YORK CITY: John's political phase with Sometime In New York City and Mind Games. Disc 3 THE LOST WEEKEND: John's infamous "Lost Weekend" which features Walls And Bridges and Rock N'Roll. And finally Disc 4 DAKOTA: which features many rare demos as well as his Double Fantasy and Milk & Honey albums. Plus amazing BOOK to explain it all!

At first glance, The John Lennon Anthology appears to be another box set with hit best known songs along with a few live performances and outtakes. But the set is actually made up entirely of alternate versions of his best known songs with some live songs and outtakes sprinkled in. The results are interesting and intriguing. Many of the songs are featured in stripped down, bare-bones forms, with just a piano or guitar and you get an inside look at the creative process of a legend. The Plastic Ono Band songs like "Working Class Hero", "God" and "Mother" are even starker and rawer than their released versions. You get to hear some of his highly politically charged live concerts from the early 70's like the Free John Sinclair shows. Some of the more interesting songs include his original demo of "Real Love" which later was re-recorded by the three remaining Beatles for the Anthology series, songs from the Mind Game sessions and his later Double Fantasy work like "Nobody Told Me" and a stripped down, guitar and drum machine take of "Woman" which is absolutely breathtaking. The last disk contains some great moments like Mr. Lennon goofing around with Beatles songs (lightly mocking Paul McCartney in some) and his young son Sean is featured singing as well. The four cd's are broken up in chronological order and the entire package is well done. Each cd is encased in a beautiful package containing artwork by Mr. Lennon and the set's booklet contains more art and great photos. This set is for John Lennon fanatics of every age and well worth the price.