BOX SET - DAVID SYLVAIN - Weatherbox (5 CDs)

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One of the most beautiful box sets I've still seen and this one came out in 1989! 5 CDs. This is in like-new condition and goes for $90.

Collaborations with musical prodigys such as Ryuichi Sakamoto, Holger Czukay and Robert Fripp have produced this very solid, amazingly intellectual collection of music. This very private,talented man has produced a brilliant body of work in this rare set that should not be missed.

This collection contains all of Sylvian's key work through 1990. I agree with the Storm In A Teacup review that this may not be the most economical way to acquire Sylvian's early output, but the poetry of the packaging is what really sets this collection apart. Each jewel case in the set is silk-screened with symbols that overlay the booklet artwork. The box itself is printed with a beautiful aged parchment texture that recalls the work of 23 Envelope for 4AD. The door opens with a small silk ribbon pull and the thick booklet includes a full color poster. It's also fairly rare, not a whole lot were put into circulation and it's been out of print for years. Because of the artwork printed directly onto the jewel cases, one can only assume that the number of boxes in good repair will decrease over time as they crack or break from use.
One of the best examples of artful music packaging in the CD era.