BOOK - SHOES - Boys Don't Lie: The History of Shoes

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460+ page book! ONLY AVAILABLE TO SHIP IN U.S.A detailed biography of the DIY power pop band Shoes. Like Shoes, Boys Don't Lie begins in the quaintly quirky town of Zion, IL, and takes the reader through 40 years of this idiosyncratic trio's history, from their fantasy beginnings to their triumphant return, 2012's Ignition. Along the way, their story is placed in the context of changes in the business and technology of music.

"It is obvious at 460 pages and all the detail and in depth information in this well written book , that Mary E. Donnelly and Moira McCormick are big fans of the band, and that writing this book was a labor of love. TMI(too much information) does not apply here. Everything written is interesting. It is a book about not only tells the entire history of this great,"shoulda been bigger than sliced bread", band from Zion, Illinois, but it is also an accurate,incredibly detailed inside look at the record business over many years. It includes the recording process(major label budget and indulgences compared to DIY home studio magic) , new release promotion and distribution(or lack of it), label politics,early MTV video inclusions, and even the slow erosion of the indie record store.The thread that runs throughout the book, from Shoes refusal to pose in skinny ties during the power pop rage, or move to LA to be closer to their label and rub regular Hollywood elbows, to change the band's lineup and lyrics to appease a very famous label honcho ( funny stuff), is that here is a band with a long shelf who have done it, good times and bad, their way, through a bend but don't break modus operandi, persistence, humility, brotherhood, and oh yeah, great songs." - Book Review from fan