BOOK: Shake Some Action: The Ultimate Power Pop Guide (Book w/ CD-R)

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ONE COPY. LONG OUT OF PRINT and goes for well over $100 - all the time. BUT ONLY IF ONE CAN FIND A COPY AVAILABLE FOR SALE. That's the issue. See this link:

And I've not seen a copy for sale for almost two years.

Four or five years ago, there was a small reprint of 100 copies. Those sold out in a few days. Here's one I found at the price it was sold for back then. This will be gone - fast.

The original CD that came with the book is NOT included but I will include a CD-R copy of it so you still get the music.


SO WHAT`S IN THIS BOOK? Are you looking for a list of the 200 coolest power pop discs ever to make your CD and record shopping a more meaningful experience? Would you devour a definitive history of power pop from the 1970s to today? Do you want to read the opinions of not only the cream of the crop of journalists/critics covering this scene, but also dozens of the genre`s greatest artists?

If the answer to any of the above questions is "YES!" (and we`re hoping it is!), then get ready to SHAKE SOME ACTION!

John Borack, one of the preeminent writers/reviewers covering the power pop/pure pop musical style for more than 20 years (for publications such as Goldmine, Amplifier, and The Trouser Press Record Guide) has put together this definitive overview of the melodic, rocking musical genre we all know and love. In addition to John`s reviews of the 200 most essential power pop recordings of the last 35+ years, SHAKE SOME ACTION will also include:

* Comments from many acclaimed power pop artists, describing their classic recordings

* A detailed history of power pop

* Many rare and previously-unseen photographs

* "Best Of" lists - with commentary - from a number of pop artists and journalists

But wait, there`s more! If you`re among the first group of customers pre-ordering this book from Not Lame, you`ll also receive the exclusive, limited-edition "Shake Some Action" companion CD, featuring tons of previously unreleased material from some of power pop`s coolest artists - Spongetones, Rubinoos, Tommy Keene, Paul Collins and Peter Case, Rooks, 20/20, Chris von Sneidern, and many more!

In addition to its coverage of power pop`s history and greatest albums, SHAKE SOME ACTION also looks at:

* Great power pop singles, individual songs, compilations and tributes

* Labels specializing in power pop

* Magazines, fanzines and websites covering the music

* Landmark slabs of power poppin` vinyl

And take a gander at who has contributed:

Joey Molland (Badfinger)

Dave Smalley (Raspberries)

Doug Fieger (The Knack)

Dennis Diken (Smithereens)

John Wicks and Will Birch (The Records)

Tommy Dunbar and Al Chan (The Rubinoos)

Bill Lloyd

Jamie Hoover (Spongetones)

Dom Mariani (Someloves, DM3)

John Murphy, Jeff Murphy and Gary Klebe (Shoes)

Jeffrey Foskett (Brian Wilson)

Michael Mazzarella (The Rooks)

Robbie Rist

Bobby Sutliff (Windbreakers)

Robin Wills (The Barracudas)

Scott McCarl (Raspberries)

and more!

In addition, noted pop journalists who contributed to SHAKE SOME ACTION include:

Jordan Oakes (Yellow Pills)

David Bash (International Pop Overthrow)

Alan Haber (Pure Pop Radio)

Ken Sharp (Goldmine)

Beverly Paterson (Twist & Shake)

Bruce Brodeen (Not Lame Recordings)

Bill Holdship (Creem)

Casey Fundaro (

Anna Borg (TallBoy Records)

Carl Cafarelli (Goldmine)

Terry Hermon (Bucketfull of Brains)

Ira Robbins (Trouser Press)

and more!


1. "Tonight" - The Rubinoos (rare Raspberries cover, available only on iTunes; first time on CD)
2. "Folk Hero" - The Rooks (newly recorded track, exclusive to SSA)
3. "Hourglass" - Dom Mariani (newly recorded track, exclusive to SSA)
4. "Love Me Or Love Me Not" - Mark Johnson (newly recorded track, exclusive to SSA)
5. "I Don`t Want To Lose This Feeling" - The Pranks (previously unreleased late `70s recording, featuring Jeffrey Foskett; exclusive to SSA)
6. "Change Her Way" - Chris Von Sneidern (previously unreleased song; exclusive to SSA)
7. "Neglected" - The Popdudes Popdudes (newly recorded track, featuring Kenny Howes, Mike Simmons, Robbie Rist, Walter Clevenger and John Borack; exclusive to SSA)
8. "Gone to Midnight" - Tommy Keene (previously unreleased song; exclusive to SSA)
9. "That Girl Was Yesterday" - 20/20 20 (previously unreleased late `70s demo recording; exclusive to SSA)
10. "The Day I Found You" - Walter Clevenger & the Dairy Kings Kings (previously unreleased song; exclusive to SSA)
11. "Sorry About That" - Michael Guthrie Band (1981 classic, previously unavailable on CD)
12. "Why Can`t We Just Sleep Together?" - Wonderboy (previously unreleased song; exclusive to SSA)
13. "Voices in My Head" - The Windbreakers (from 1986`s Run LP; previously unavailable on CD)
14. "Dream About Me" - The Tickets (original 1990 version, previously unavailable on CD; exclusive to SSA)
15. ""This Boy" - Scott McCarl (ex-Raspberries) (Beatles cover, previously unavailable on CD; exclusive to SSA)
16. "I'm in Love" - Wackers (Bob Segarini) (previously unreleased, `70s-vintage song)
17. "In the Worst Way" (original demo) - Kyle Vincent Vincent (previously unreleased version; exclusive to SSA)
18. "A Voice Inside Me" - Shoes (rare track; available only on Shoes "As Is" compilation)
19. "Alayna" (acoustic) - Spongetones (previously unreleased version; exclusive to SSA)
20. "Anybody But Me" - Bill Lloyd (previously unreleased song; exclusive to SSA)
21. "Faraway" - Seth Swirsky (previously unreleased song; exclusive to SSA)
22."Boy Scout Pinup" - The Flashcubes (newly recorded song, exclusive to SSA)
23. "Do You Wanna Love Me" - Paul Collins & Peter Case (previously unreleased archival home recording, mid-`70s vintage)
24. "Got to Get Out" - Backstreet Noise(newly recorded Nick Gilder cover, featuring Robbie Rist, Walter Clevenger and Mike Simmons; exclusive to SSA)