BOOK - BADFINGER - Without You:The Tragic Story Of Badfinger(HARDCOVER w/ CD - SUPER RARE)

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A TRUE bonafide Rarity. Probably the rarest book related to power pop. Came out 1997 on hardcover. This book was never read because I read my paperback version, which by the way, goes for close to $200 just in and of itself.

This, though, is the HARDCOVER, which came with a CD stuffed with super rare Badfinger tracks. It's autographed by the author, Dan Matovina to me. Condition is mint but there is some very slight wear at the edges of the cover just from being being picked up every now and then. There were 1,000 printeed and numbered. This one is "764".

The condition, I would say(without being a book expert) is 'near mint'. It's never been read or opened except to take out the CD on the inside back cover(I bought the paper back to read). The cover has a 1/3", very small rip in the bottom left - other than that, only wear from being taken off the shelf a few times and two moves in boxes, if that helps.

This is the listing on Amazon for it -

Info on the CD that comes with this is here:

it's so rare that bootleggers constantly try to pull one over on fans. Not sure why cover is not showing, though...what I have here is what the original hardcover looks like.

Bottom Line: it goes for between $630-$700+.

I don't do Ebay, not interested. If you do and you know how to work this....go make yourself some extra money This is the latest entry on Ebay for $399:

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