BOBBY SUTLIFF - Bitter Fruit

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"4 stars. After the Windbreakers broke up, Bobby Sutliff opted to quit doing music full time, devoting himself instead to the life of a responsible parent who tinkered in his home studio in his spare time. Bitter Fruit is a collection of nine songs Sutliff recorded at home, combined with five studio cuts from various sessions Sutliff did with Mitch Easter through the 1990s. Given the circumstances under which it was recorded, you might not expect Bitter Fruit to sound especially consistent or cohesive, but it does -- this is a jangle pop addict's delight, full of knowing references to the Byrds, the Hollies, and Emitt Rhodes, but with a mature and intelligent melodic style that allows Sutliff's own personality to shine through, and plenty of fine songs bolstered by Sutliff's superb guitar work. Several of the tunes onBitter Fruit previously appeared on Sutliff's cassette-only collection of "low-fi home demos," Griffin Bay, but the guy has certainly learned how to make the most of his home recording setup in the meantime; while the studio-crafted tracks have a bit more polish, Sutliff's production style is clever and ear-pleasing, and makes the most of his songs, regardless of the budget. Windbreakers fans pining for the return of their heroes, or anyone who loves smart pop music with an extra portion of Rickenbackers, will find Bitter Fruit to be very tasty indeed." - AMG