BEATNIK BEATCH - Beatnik Beatch

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Out of print, promo. GOing for $20+ used now as so few were pressed with this reissue back in 2007. Features, of course, Jellyfish leaders Andy Sturmer and Roger Manning in this band before Jellyfish formed in the late 80s. "This is a great preview of what was to come from a band that never went as far as they should. The Jellyfish would later be formed from two members of Beatnik Beatch, and carry the best elements of this album to another level.

Andy's vocals can be heard, but there really aren't many songs that were crafted to showcase his true talent outside "Sargeant Lasard" and "Maria". Two songs from Beatnik were later recorded again by Jellyfish ("Worthless Heart" and "Watching the Rain")and are available on "Fan club" if you're lucky enough to find a copy now that it's out of print. All in all, this is a good album, but it's just not nearly as good as a Jellyfish album." - Amazon