ANDREA PERRY - Saturday Morning Sweet Shoppe

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Original Not Lame review:

Blossoming with a fresh aired spirit and exhilirating classic Kate Bush-charms, Perry`s debut is a fascinating, cheeky and most completely engaging, requesting the listener to just sit back and enjoy its crafty and catchy charm. Each listen becomes more and more wonderful---hard to avoid a sense of Kate Bush influence(which we all could use a little bit more of in our musical diets) but there is plenty of McCartney/Wings/sleepy XTC influence to root this one down solid. "Defininately an ear opener. Perry somehow manages to combine the spare, tortured eloquence of Elliot Smith with the beguiling cheeriness of Linus Of Hollywood, and her sweet, multi-tracked vocals, personal, image-filled lyrics and quirky, sneaky melodies round out this package..a very distinctive, excellent record!"-David Bash/Toast Magazine. "one of the most original talents I`ve heard in a long time...the combination of her dreamy voice with her often peculiar and always interesting arrangements and exhilirating musicianship, make Perry a serious contender into the world of pop..a real find..a talent like this is too strong to be ignored"-Shake It Up. Now, don`t crucify me, but one of the best things I can say here is that 95% of the time, I just can`t get my emotions and connection around most female voices--bless Ms. Perry, making an exception here is about as easy as can be because all I can hear is consistently excellent songs, arrangements and playing. Just one of the most refreshing bits of new music to come across these parts in a very, very long time. Extremely Highly Recommended!

"4 stars. There is nothing radical about the dozen songs on Saturday Morning Sweet Shoppe. Nothing, that is, unless you consider plump, delicious, melodically creamy pop pastries -- of a variety that have managed to break through to mainstream radio only occasionally in the decades since Don Kirshner's bubblegum factory began to crumble -- radical. By that criterion, Andrea Perry's debut album is radical indeed -- and radically fantastic. In fact, it is on the order of, and quality-wise on a par with, the early-'70s one-man-band efforts by Paul McCartney and, especially, Emitt Rhodes. The comparison may sound like hyperbole, but once these irresistibly animated tunes -- buoyant, euphonious, cherubic, ridiculously hummable -- lay their pillowy kisses on you, they may end up playing in the background of all your pleasantest dreams. Perry's delivery -- topped off with one of those titillating cotton-candy voices -- is so shy and unassuming that the music at first seems much simpler than it really is. But as the cupcake-sized melodies and smiling ba-ba-bop harmonies cumulate, it sneaks up on you and gradually begins to alter the scenery, as if you were an Alice hurtling softly into a musical Wonderland. Mid-period Beatles unmistakably reign supreme here, especially evident on "I Don't Need This," which has some of the odd, kaleidoscopic turns of Magical Mystery Tour, on the haunted "Wilderness" (uncharacteristically recalling Lennon more than McCartney), and in the odd flourish (the echo-laden piano of "I Rued the Day," for instance). Perry, however, proved equally adept at absorbing other inspirations: At times ("Simple," the jolly "To Have a Heart") Saturday Morning Sweet Shoppe takes its cues from the rousing choruses and jaunty melodic lines of classic Broadway, while "Making Her Up" and "If I Lose You" have the moonlit, magical, and quiescent qualities of midnight childhood hymns. Partake, confidently, in great gulps." - AMG