ALAN PRICE - Between Yesterday and Today

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Still sealed, Collectors Choice reissue. Fetching $95+ on Amazon.

So take this and turn it around if you sell on Ebay or Amazon and pocket some good extra money. :-) Cost here is what an reasonably priced 16.99import would have been.

Great album, too!

"4 1/2 stars. Between Yesterday & Today was released during one of rock's more self-indulgent periods. It's therefore to Alan Price's credit that, although he chose to make a "concept" record about his maturation in working class Newcastle, he eschewed the usual trappings of conceptual rock artists. There is no fluid story line, no bombastic theme about the search for self, the songs are short and able to stand alone, and there are definitely no mellotrons or five-minute guitar solos. Price's voice also shows restraint, sounding more like a wise old uncle than a rock poster boy. But it's this complete lack of indulgence and musical embroidery that makes Between Yesterday & Today such a unique "concept" album. Price draws greatly upon the English music hall tradition (and a dollop of Randy Newman) to weave his simple, nostalgic miniatures. Each of the songs has its own personality, from the theatrical "Leftover People" to the reflective title track to the slow blues of "You're Telling Me." This album's not exactly rock, and like good literature, it requires some investment on the part of the listener. But for those who prefer humility to hype and want something different, it's worth checking out." - AMG