13 Floor Elevators - Absolutely The Best Of

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"4 1/2 stars. Absolutely the Best is a sonic stunner. Comprised mainly of selections from their three studio albums, it marks a major improvement in sound quality over the Collectibles CD releases of the three studio albums, and even earlier compilations like Snapper Music's release, His Eye Is on the Pyramid. The instrument separation is more defined. Tommy Hall's electric jug playing, often buried in a muddy mix, now sparkles with clarity and crispness. Overall, the songs have more presence and warmth than previous CD mixes. As for the song selection, Absolutely the Best plays toward the strengths of the band's three principle songwriters: Roky Erickson, Tommy Hall, and Stacy Sutherland. Purists might grumble at the exclusion of a few essential tracks, but overall the collection is a well-balanced sampler of prime Texas psychedelia. For those who are looking for an introduction to the music of the 13th Floor Elevators, Absolutely the Best is a fine place to start. Hardcore fans and collectors will want it in their collections to savor the impressively remastered tracks."- AMG.